Best Architectural Materials

Advantages of Using Fibreglass
February 3, 2020

Best Architectural Materials

We are experts in fiberglass moulding with over 30 years’ experience, working with architects, builders and designers on different projects. In this blog we will be discussing the best architectural materials to use for your projects.


With a vast range of knowledge and expertise within the fibreglass industry, we understand just how useful fibreglass can be and its advantages can be endless. Its properties allow it to be moulded into a multitude of different designs, making it flexible whatever your ideas for creation may be. This easy and mouldable properties mean that it can be made into almost any shape to create architectural features, its lightweight properties make it easy to apply to projects and its durability make it resistant to extreme weather conditions, which is a particularly useful property due to the British weather.


Despite being an expensive option, concrete has a variety of benefits when being used for architectural projects, it’s a durable, low maintenance solution while also being resistant to wind, water and fire. Its ability to retain heat allows the energy efficiency of the buildings that use it to increase and as a result cut heating and cooling bills. Its durability prevents it from rusting, rotting or burning, allowing it to be a long term, reliable solution when applied to buildings.


The potential of plastic is endless, its creative possibilities mean it should not be ruled out. We produce and recycle so much plastic that it seems an obvious solution to recycle and make use of it in the form of architecture.  As a lightweight yet strong material it is easy to transport and manoeuvre.

As architectural fibreglass specialists we understand the importance in finding materials that are right for your projects and with services that reach out to all of the North East why not use us for your next architectural project. To find out more information visit or give us a call on 01207 655 353 to speak with one of our team.