Fibreglass Fairground Rides

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Mini golf obstacle ‘Great Wall of China’ Sculpture
March 14, 2017
Beamish Museum 19th Century Fairground Ride
August 14, 2018

Fibreglass Fairground Rides

Fibreglass Fairground Ride

At Acorn Glassfibre we manufacture various different GRP products for the amusement industry including mobile rides, theme park attractions and themed displays.

Recently we have been making a lot of fibreglass seats and small scale vehicles for children’s fairground rides. We were contacted by a fairground manufacturer to create a bespoke fibreglass seat to be added to a new shuggy boat style ride. Working from drawings to fit around existing steel work we were able to fit in eight custom moulded seats to maximise occupancy for the operator.  One great benefit we can provide is a multi coloured glitter finish applied in to the mould on top of a hard wearing clear coat, this makes for an eye catching  product with the added bonus of not having to paint or apply any additional  finish.

Giving that each individual seat is made to the end customers requirements our manufacturing time is very responsive allowing perspective customers to be able to choose any combination of colours depending on their theme and still have it completed in a cost effective lead time.

David applying the glitter coat with a steady hand

Completed ride and happy customer

We offer various colour combinations and background sizes