Hangfast Case Study

Hangfast adventure used to have a large fibreglass manufacturing work shop. We started producing the more intricate moulded pieces for their range of climbing walls and over time they found it beneficial for their companies growth to out source all their manufacturing to our base in the North East.
We have been working closely together for the last 5 years and have helped develop a vast array of new and exciting adventure equipment including artificial caving systems, climbing walls, and themed displays.
Our current work with Hangfast involves the manufacturing of artificial caving systems allowing people to experience the excitement of caving from indoor facilities. We manufacture standardised pieces including a straight section, 90 and 45 degree section, T piece and add these to very unusual bespoke sections resembling natural formations to give a unique caving experience.
Because of the logistical constraints involved, the caves are made in light weight modular sections allowing it to be transported and installed with ease. Working closely with Hangfast on the development of their product we have been able to offer advancements in the production, making for lighter stronger product as well as imitation stone finishes we have applied to the cave giving a more authentic, natural looking product.
We are continuously working on and developing new and exciting elements with Hangfast’s forward thinking and imaginative design team on their climbing range offering children and adults a fun interactive climbing experience. These are often unusual shapes manufactured by us with a tough gel coat finish or textured surface for added grip. Hangfast are continuously designing new elements and with our in-house pattern and mould making facilities we are able to take their ideas from CAD to production.

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