How we can Create the Perfect Doors for your Land Rover

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August 16, 2019
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December 19, 2019

How we can Create the Perfect Doors for your Land Rover

We are proud to have worked with many owners of Land Rovers and found such a popular demand that we decided to start offering a bespoke service. Here at Acorn Glassfibre we now produce fibreglass doors for a range of Land Rover models. The doors we create can provide an ideal alternative and come with a variety of benefits. In this blog we are going to be talking about how we can create the perfect doors for your Land Rover.

Exact Moulds

Using our modern technology and high level of skills, we can create doors which are an exact mould for your vehicle. No matter what model you own, we’ll be able to produce the perfect fit. This service can be highly beneficial for people who drive an older model which could be difficult to find new parts for.

Extra Durable

With bespoke components, our doors are designed to be extra durable and long lasting. This will mean you are likely to never have to think about paying for a replacement as they last much longer than the originals. We have improved on factory faults, making for a much stronger door. Land Rovers are often used for off road purposes, so your vehicle could be even more suited to tough terrain with these types of doors.


Fibreglass doors are proven to weigh a lot less than the regular doors used on Land Rovers. This could help to make your vehicle more agile and even increase speed. So, if you are the type of person who likes to put your foot down, you will love the extra lightweight boost fibreglass doors offer.

At Acorn Glassfibre we can create both rear and side doors for your Land Rover. For more information on this service give us a call on 01207 655 353 or visit: