Probe Case Study

We were approached by Probe Industries a UK based company with a global reach back in 2003 to prototype a fan housing for a dust and odour suppression device to be placed on construction and waste management sites. The prototype cowl was to house one of probes fans that was already in production so we needed to achieve a very accurate moulding.
We were approached by a growing company and tasked with making a fan housing which was able to withstand the environmental elements. It needed to be light weight but durable to withstand constant vibration and oscillation.
We were able to provide the customer with a product which was industry specific and able to cope with constant exposure to water and chemicals. The manufactured cowl has a hardwearing gel coat exterior in Probes signature green cooperate colour which is easily cleaned and guaranteed to last 25years. In addition to our fan cowls we moved to developing a bespoke enclosure able to contain and protect all the equipment needed for the function of the suppression systems, this took the company away from buying and modifying similar existing products on the market to having their own range of equipment.
Working closely with Probe on the development of new and existing products we were able to take what was an off the shelf based company and apply our expertise to create the tools needed for a very specific application in a competitive market. Apart from some updates over the years Probe Industries still use these products from us today.

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