Recent Projects

Climbing Wall Volumes (Hangfast Climbing Ltd)

This project is a climbing wall volume, one of a wide range of designs we manufacture for Hangfast Climbing.
This product is attached to climbing walls to offer a varied experience as they come in all shapes and sizes. The hand layup system we use guarantees the quality and integrity of the product, with their catalogue ever expanding we employ different acquired techniques to create all a multitude of shapes and angles.

Dust and odour suppression company (Probe Industries ltd)

Over the years we have worked with Probe Industries Ltd to develop a range of cowl and cabinet variants to suit their ongoing product development.
We pride ourselves on our service and ability to satisfy your requirements our in house service gives you full control of development and costs.

We have constant ongoing development projects like this one in industry sectors ranging from construction to climbing.

Instrument Cabinets/Tanks

We have supplied instrument housings and equipment cabinets for local authorities, utilities and manufacturing companies.
Custom made to your size and specifications, by working from a wide range of materials we can provide an industry specific product able to cope with a variety of factors including high temperatures and various chemicals.

Climbing Wall Alien (Beacon Climbing)

This character is one of six aliens that make up a children’s climbing wall element.

Due to the nature of its intended purpose this is a product built to last!

The tough gel coat finish of the product make it durable without compromising on aesthetics combined with strong lightweight structure make it perfect for installations at height.