The Benefits of Fibreglass Vehicle Components

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The Benefits of Fibreglass Vehicle Components

Every vehicle is built differently and that’s what makes it unique. However, we have many customers who like to take it one step further, using Fibreglass components to better their vehicle. In this blog we are going to be explaining the benefits of Fibreglass for the automotive industry!



When adding extra components to your vehicle, the last thing you want is to weigh it down. That’s why Fibreglass is the perfect solution! Its lightweight form means you have no reduction in speed or loss of aerodynamics. It’s the ideal solution for someone who is looking to add components which will improve the performance of the vehicle.



Fibreglass as a material is very durable and is highly resistant to even the most extreme weather, which means you have no risk of rust. Plus, it can also be flame and chemical resistant meaning no further damage would be caused by the fibreglass if an accident was to happen.


Completely tailor made

As with everything made from Fibreglass you get a fully tailor-made product. The main factor is due to its flexibility which means it can fit to almost any shape creating a totally customisable design, suited to your requirements.


Cost Effective

Here at Acorn Glassfibre we pride ourselves in keeping our prices competitive, meaning that whatever project you are looking into we can take into consideration your budget. As well as this, fibreglass is very long lasting making it cost effective in the long run compared to other materials.


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